Ever wonder how Google, Bing, etc figures out who gets listed in search results?  Most people don’t realize that the algorithms that the Search Engines use are more and more reliant on “readability”, not keywords.  And as “voice search” becomes more popular, readability will be everything.  As content managers and blog writers, we need to be aware of how our content and blogs read to the viewer – is it full of industry jargon, or can it be read and understood easily?

Take a look at the article in the link below.  This is authored by one of the leading SEO experts, YOAST.  They have in depth knowledge of how the search engine algorithms are designed and offers great insights to writing your content and improving your SEO scores for your website or blogs.  I use YOAST on every website we design and build for our clients to increase our SEO rankings. I would encourage anyone to read this article, examine your website’s content, and think about ways to increase your “readability”.

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Does “readability” really affect your SEO rankings?